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Sometimes we want to select more than one item of the list and perform some action i.e delete the selected item etc

I want to make this article production-ready so that developers can just copy and paste the code to their final project or…

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I know all you know about this feature which toggles the password show and hide. This is super cool because sometimes we want to see the password anyway.

Sometimes we get so frustrated while filling the form that we wanted to what password…

There are some setting in VS Code which can help you in improving your work-space. I am not going to show you any extensions or install any. I will use internal settings of VS Code which will improve our work-space.

  • 1. breadcrumbs : It is mainly used in website…

Recently Apple released the Catalina and there are some breaking changes which might affect you

I will be talking about two changes which really mater me as a developer and that might also affect you.

Disk Permission

Security and Privacy Update

Now you don’t have permission to access file and folder…

HTML + CSS + JS = Fronted Developer but not modern Fronted Developer

Current Market is looking for a modern front-end developer. So, you need to learn about modern tools. There is a various modern tool and it’s difficult to choose the right tool and order of learning.


I am a big fan of CLI although in the video tutorial I avoid using it.

You might think why do I avoid it if I am a fan of CLI?
Just to feel Beginner comfortable, I use GUI as much as I can.

Beginner thinks that using Terminal/Command Prompt…


  • Introduction
  • Angular.js
  • Angular
  • Angular CLI
  • Conclusion


There are lots of flavor of Angular ( previously angular.js)

In 2010 when the angular first get release, at that time angular was known by the name angular.js. It uses javascript, and there wasn’t any CLI for it.

If you learn Angular.js then probably…

This Article is having two parts and this is second part.

In this article, we will understand the implementation of data sharing while routing. There is three different…

A stream is one of the challenging topics for the beginner. It took lots of efforts to understand. In order to understand the Streams, you will need to go through the various Examples and then you will get what Exactly Streams is.

At the end of the post, I will…

GraphQL is a query language in which we send the query to the GraphQL Server. The server executes the query at runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

Let’s me make you understand this in more easy words. I suppose that you know SQL (Structured Query Language). If…

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